Authorities in Saginaw County say a 33-year-old man from Kansas is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in a motel room. The man reportedly posed as a 17-year-old online before driving across several states to meet the teen.

ABC 12 reports that the 13-year-old apparently had been talking to the man online for some time, but had kept it a secret from her parents. According to the Saginaw County Sheriff's office, she snuck out of her home to meet with him Sunday evening.

The girl was located at a motel in St. Charles Township later that night after a sibling had told her mother that she was gone. After contacting friends, the mother was able to figure out where she was and also learned the man's name and determined that he had registered to get a room there.

When the mother arrived at the motel, the owner there called the room and the man answered, saying he was alone and trying to sleep. The owner, her husband, and the mother went to the room and discovered the 13-year-old inside with the man. He then tried to escape in his vehicle, but the motel owner's husband stopped him.

When authorities arrived, the accused predator was taken into custody on initial charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, but the Saginaw County Prosecutor's office is still determining what other charges the man might face.


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