An extreme liberal Michigan based group called Michigan United put out the following press release yesterday:

Monday, November 2, 2020

Statewide, Historic Mobilization to Promote and Protect the Will of Voters

Nearly 100 organizations mobilizing to ensure every vote is counted and the will of the people wins the day

MICHIGAN —Monday, representatives of a coalition of nearly 100 groups will hold a virtual press conference announcing statewide efforts this election season to mobilize communities to ensure every vote is counted and push back against any efforts to sow distrust or cheat the election results. The We Make Michigan Coalition is part of a historical nationwide effort by voters in the U.S. to preserve the peaceful transfer of power and what that means for our democracy. The work includes urging all eligible residents to vote, supporting the need to allow time to count every vote and demanding all elected officials to abide by the will of the people. The groups also acknowledge that massive, safe, nonviolent gatherings may be needed to protect ballot results.

I find the last sentence very interesting.  They state:

The groups also acknowledge that massive, safe, nonviolent gatherings may be needed to protect ballot results.”

What groups are you exactly talking about?

How “massive” do you want these groups to be?

Do you not see this is clearly a case of voter suppression by the Democrats?  Many people, especially older people would be concerned if they see a “massive” group of people surrounding their polling precinct.

Especially this day and age when so many Biden supporters are rioting, looting, burning down city blocks and committing violence against people who think differently than them.

What has been Governor Whitmer’s or Attorney General Dana Nessel’s response to this obvious voter suppression tactic?


Absolute silence!

Could you imagine if the Proud Boys or as Joe Biden calls them the “Poor Boys” or for that matter any group they disagreed with put out a press release like Michigan United did?

They probably would call out the National Guard and the Michigan State Police to, let us say, take care of the situation.

Do not let this obvious attempt to suppress your vote intimidate you.  In fact, it should embolden you to ask friends who were not going to vote to come out and vote with you.

Vote for law and order as well as security.  That vote this election is definitely for President Trump and the Republicans.


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