Will Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson do the right thing and perform an audit before Michigan’s State Board of Canvassers certify the 2020 General Election results? Don’t bet on it, in fact, there is zero chance she will do so.

Should she?



Because the integrity of our entire voting system in Michigan and the 2020 General Election results depends on it.

Michigan Republican state senators Lana Theis and Tom Barrett are requesting this election audit.  The cited the following reasons for their request that included allegations that election officials:

  • Counted ineligible ballots and counted the same batches of ballots multiple times
  • Instructed poll workers to backdate absentee ballots and counted late ballots after pre-dating them
  • Used false information to process ballots
  • Accepted ballots deposited into drop boxes after the deadline
  • Duplicated ballots illegally
  • Ordered election workers not to verify voter signatures on absentee ballots
  • Barred poll challengers from observing and coached voters for a particular candidate and party.

As well as anomalies like those that occurred in Antrim County such as ballot processing problems and numerous allegations of state election discrepancies.  Their letter also points out claims that large bundles of ballots turned up in the early morning at TCF Center from out-of-state vehicles.

In a letter to Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson last Thursday, they wrote:

“Every citizen deserves to have faith in the integrity of the election process and its outcome...It is our responsibility, as elected public servants, to assure the people of Michigan of the process’s integrity through complete transparency and the faithful investigation of any allegations of wrongdoing, fraud, or abuse.”

For all Michiganders to even attempt to have faith in the integrity of our election Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson should grant the request of State Senators Theis and Barrett.

The Democrats like to say “Count Ever Vote”. What they mean by that is count every legal and illegal vote.  If they did not believe that they would have said, like the Republicans say, “Count Every Legal Vote”.  Do you ever wonder why they leave the word “legal” out?

Below is the letter from State Senators Theis and Barrett:


Ever wonder why the state of Ohio and over 40 other states were able to hold their election like they have every election before?  They were able to count every legal vote on Election day.

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