Just when you think it's safe to gamble in Michigan, you come to find out that illegal gambling was taking place at several Michigan gas stations.

I'm not much of a gambler myself even though I've actually won a few times. And I'm talking about few and far between.

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Thank goodness we actually have state investigators who take the time to do their jobs and find alleged illegal gambling taking place during several raids in Southeast Michigan.

Speaking of illegal gambling profits, take a look at this from mlive.com:

Investigators removed one gaming machine from each gas station and 53 machines from the Mundy Township storefront. Machines seized included one slot-style gaming machine and two so-called “coin pushers”. State officials seized $3,295 from inside the coin-pusher machines and $290 from inside the slot-style gaming machine, according to a news release.

I'm guessing that state investigators get tips from people as to where these illegal gambling machines are in Southeast Michigan.

We can tell you that some of the targeted alleged illegal gambling sites were located in Redford Township, Taylor, Allen park, and in Mundy Township.

Mlive.com also adds:

The Mundy Township storefront allegedly offered customers opportunities to play casino-style games in conjunction with a purchase of overpriced snacks and merchandise. Customers allegedly received so-called “promotional” game play by making purchases and received cash awards for winning. A total of $9,141 in alleged gaming-related cash was seized.

That's one thing you'll never find me doing anytime soon. Gambling to me is like throwing away your hard earned money.

I always tell my wife that gambling is like throwing hundreds of dollars in the fireplace and watching all that money go up in flames. My best analogy!

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