The front-yard Halloween display of a Lansing-area home, which has become a local favorite in recent years, has been labeled as blight and shut down by local authorities after a neighbor formally complained, according to the owner of the display property.

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Cheryl Gray Underwood, who owns the home and puts together the Halloween display on Damon Road in Williamstown Township, posted on Facebook Tuesday that the October tradition had been officially kiboshed by the township's supervisor. Text of her post announcing the news follows:


SO SORRY TO OUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY!!! If you drive by our house starting next week this is the sign you will see instead of decorations. Maybe if enough people complain or an attorney volunteers to challenge our decorations being called BLIGHT we will have holiday decorations next year! FEEL FREE TO SHARE!

This is the sign Underwood referenced, which is displayed on the property this year instead of the Halloween decorations:

Cheryl Gray Underwood via Facebook
Cheryl Gray Underwood via Facebook

Fans of Underwood's Halloween display responded in droves, with nearly 100 comments within just a matter of hours, almost all of which were supportive.

"One of my favorite things to do around the holidays how depressing ," one commenter wrote.

"My kids will be heartbroken! We love driving by your house on a regular basis for each of the holidays," another posted.

"Since when can the township restrict your ability to decorate your own personal property," another commenter wrote. "I feel like this wouldn’t stand a chance in court for your neighbors complaint. Either way, I’ll email and call to voice my opinion. My children LOVE the displays and it brings joy to 99.9% of people who see it. Thank you for sharing your love of the holidays with the rest of us!"

Check out images and video from last year's Halloween display below.

Popular Willamstown Township Halloween Display Shut Down By Cease And Desist Order

A Halloween display at a home on Damon Road in Williamstown Township, which has become a community favorite in recent years, has been labeled as blight and shuttered by the municipal government after a neighbor complained, according to the homeowner.

Here are some images of the Halloween display from 2021.

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