There's only a few weeks until Halloween. This time of year is fun and it's loaded with scary things, spooky stories and lots of candy.

What is the definition of Halloween? Merriam-Webster defines Halloween as:

October 31 observed especially with dressing up in disguise, trick-or-treating, and displaying jack-o'-lanterns during the evening

Halloween is short for All Hallow Even (All Saints' Eve). All Saint's Day takes place on Novermber 1. All Saint's Day according to Merriam-Webster is defined as:

November 1 observed as a church holy day in honor of the Christian saints

Halloween is also a day to remember the dead. My son recently drew some pictures to remember his grandpa whom he lost a few months ago. He drew pictures of the things that grandpa liked and liked doing. This was his way of remembering someone close to him that unfortunately passed away.

I didn't know anything about Halloween until I got older. I thought it was a day to go get a ton of candy, have fun doing so and it was always fun carving pumpkins. I take time everyday to remember those that have passed away in my life.

Trick or treating was fun for me when I was a kid and I love watching my sons trick or treat too. It's the excitement about their costumes, the looks on their faces when they score their first handout of candy and the happiness & laughter that not only comes from my kids, but other kids too that are out trying to score free candy too.

Growing up, and to this day, my favorite candy was Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Twix. Where did they rank on the list of all time favorite Halloween Candy according to

Best Halloween Candy, All Time

31. Smarties - little chalky tablets loaded with sugar, WIN!

30. Airheads - these are the cheap version of Laffy Taffy. The consistency by the time I was done chewing them was like small pebbles.

29. Jolly Ranchers - not a favorite of mine, I don't like them getting caught in my teeth.

28. Sour Patch Kids - these are awesome, I am surprised these are this low on the list.

27. Runts - these were tasty, a thick version of Nerds.

26. Blow Pops - these were the last to be eaten out of my candy bag.

25. Whoppers - I had a love hate relationship with these. They were also at the bottom of the bag, but I was thankful that I had them when I ran out of the good stuff.

24. Milk Duds - I still like the Duds. It was always fun trying to get them unstuck from my teeth.

23. Milky Way - this is surprisingly low on the list. Milky Way is a simple candy bar and these are often the first to be eaten.

22. Laffy Taffy - just when you thought you were done chewing these, you realized you weren't. Often times it results in a sore jaw.

21. Nerds - yummy, crunchy sugar rocks. All combos created good flavors.

20. Skittles - I usually eat these one at a time to start, I like each flavor. At some point I stop being stingy and go all in and pour the mini bag in my mouth.

19. PayDay - If you like peanuts, this is your candy bar. This should be higher on the list.

18. Haribo Gummies - these gummy bears are solid. These weren't a "thing" when I was growing up but the kids sure do like 'em nowadays.

17. Junior Mints - this is more my genre then the kids nowadays. Junior Mints are usually the candy my kids offer me.

16. Twizzlers - you either love Twizzlers or you don't. There's no in between.

15. Baby Ruth - again, this was popular when I was growing up. Kids nowadays just don't like them, at least at my house.

14. M&M's - am I the only one that ate each color separately hoping for a cool flavor combo? That was short lived,  you can't go wrong with M&M's.

13. Flavored Tootsie Rolls - I have zero idea why these are on the list. If you like them, more power to you.

12. Heath - Heath was the fancy candy when I was growing up. I love Heath, it always made me feel fancy eating them. Scor bars were good too.

11. Starbursts - eat these one at a time unless you want to have some dental work done. Starburst have strong flavors that actually taste like what they are supposed to.

10. Hershey's Bars - I put this in my top 5. If you love milk chocolate, Hershey's has you covered.

9. Reese's Pieces - peanut butter covered in a candy shell. It's as simple as it gets and these are a huge hit.

8. Nestle Crunch - the milk chocolate Nestle uses is yummy. Get some rice puffs going and you can claim it's healthy.

7. Mr. Goodbar - good Hershey's milk chocolate that covers ample amounts of peanuts. I didn't used to like these but I do now.

6. 100 Grand - this bad boy is loaded with chocolate, caramel and rice. It's like a Nestle Crunch on roids.

5. Butterfinger - a peanut butter crunch bar covered in chocolate. I like freezing these before I eat them.

4. KitKat - the wafer candy covered in chocolate. Their snack size bars at Halloween are good size. It's a Halloween staple for sure.

3. Snickers - Snickers literally satisfies. It's a good treat but if you are working hard hustling for candy, a Snickers might be good nourishment while you are out trick of treating.

2. Twix - chocolate and caramel covered cookies? What's not to like? If you have extra this Halloween, I'll take them off your hands.

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - this could be the best candy bar of all time, not just at Halloween.

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