Earlier this month I told you how Michigan was the first state in the country to have a paved road. It was in 1909 and it just so happened to be a mile stretch on Woodward Ave in Detroit. Well, if all goes according to plan, history will repeat itself when Michigan becomes the first state with a mile of wireless charging road.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently announced how Michigan is planning to lead the way with a pilot to build a mile-long wireless charging road for electric vehicles.

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The push for all of us to drive electric vehicles is happening as we speak but there is one major problem with that. The infrastructure needed to charge them is lacking big time. I rarely see charging stations, especially in Genesee county. So, if we're all expected to go electric, this has to be remedied first.

Gov. Whitmer:

This project reinforces my commitment to accelerating the deployment of electric vehicle infrastructure in Michigan and will create new opportunities for businesses and high-tech jobs amidst the transition to electric vehicles.

The mile-long road will be built in either Wayne, Macomb, or Oakland County.

Michigan was home to the first mile of paved road, and now we’re paving the way for the roads of tomorrow with innovative infrastructure the will support the economy and the environment, helping us achieve our goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Okay, you can make your Michigan road and pothole jokes now.

The video below has nothing to do with Whitmer's initiative but it kind of gives you an idea of how wireless roads would work.

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