Some Michigan House Democrats are calling for the removal of politics from the discussion of re-districting in the state. I think that would be a lot like taking eggs out of omelets but hey maybe I’m a little jaded.

It seems in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling state dems are feeling a little frisky and ready to do battle over the political lines of congressional districts. The court ruled that Arizona's independent redistricting commission that was created by a  ballot proposal, was in fact constitutional.

Redistricting is always a messy proposition controlled by various federal rules that can complicate the process. Michigan, like other states must draw Congressional districts of roughly equal population and follow the Voting Rights Act of 1963.

I would guess that this is a non-starter for Democrats until the day comes that they are back in charge of the state legislature and by then I am guessing they will forget about a non-partisan commission and focus on re-writing the rules to accommodate their own idea of congressional districts. I am just a cynic some days.