Alex Wong - Getty Images

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder finally decided to lower state flags to half staff in honor of the 5 US military members by an Islamic terrorist. The killings should be recognized with a lowering of the flags. The decision came the same day President Obama finally caved in to a growing chorus of criticism for not doing the same at the White House.

All of this is fine and well but you could lower every damn flag in the country and it would not protect our Americans military members from Islamic terrorists. The President will do nothing about that so it is left to the Governors of the many states. So far at least 7 Governors have stepped up to do that. Why hasn’t Governor Snyder made this very easy decision?

Governor Snyder, again I beg of you to protect our unarmed service members here at home. If you wait, the next Chattanooga could be here in Michigan. Please sir don’t let that happen!