Joe Raedle - Getty Images

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder needs to join Governors from all over the United States in stepping up to protect our unarmed members of the military that work at recruiting centers like the one attacked in Chattanooga, Tennessee last week. When the Islamic terrorist stopped shooting in Tennessee four Marines were already dead. On Saturday a sailor became the fifth victim to die. They were all working at a military recruiting site and all were unarmed as a result of federal laws.

It is time for those clearly outdated laws to be changed so that our men and women in uniform can protect themselves from rogue Muslim killers. However that will apparently take time as President Obama has not yet stepped up to make it happen fast. So several Governors have decided to act on their own.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced over the weekend that he will authorize Adjutant General John Nicholas of the Texas National Guard to arm National Guard personnel at military facilities across Texas. Abbott said, “After the recent shooting in Chattanooga, it has become clear that our military personnel must have the ability to defend themselves against these types of attacks on our own soil.”

Governors Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Mary Fallin of Oklahoma and Indiana’s Mike Pence issued similar orders to avoid further bloodshed.

Governors in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina have not issued specific orders to arm the military personnel but have started the process to step up armed security.

It is time for Michigan to join this common sense movement and make sure our people are protected from blood thirsty maniacs like the one who struck in Tennessee. Governor Snyder please don’t wait until there is blood on the ground here to act on this important matter.