I published this piece originally in 2014, but thought it would be a good time to revisit it.

Bethany Christian Services is getting paid a lot of money from the federal government to take, house, feed and educate illegal minors from Central America. During a long conversation today I was told by BCS employee Lizette, who declined to give her last name that Bethany is paid between $23 and $51 dollars a day for the illegal immigrants pouring over the US southern border. That comes out to $161 to $350 dollars a week. I was told the company currently has 224 such minors in Michigan but is hoping for a lot more.

At those rates the company is getting paid a minimum of $155,000 a month and could be getting as much as $343,000 every month from the federal government. That’s just in Michigan and that’s just 224 minors!!!

Lizette stopped me early to explain that they do not use the term ‘illegal’ when discussing the minors here without legal standing. When asked if they are not illegal aliens then what are they? She told me “they are not illegals they are just kids participating in illegal activities”. Oh well that clears it up for me. I decided to keep the accurate albeit not politically correct term, illegal alien. I intend to use that term until it is no longer accurate.

Lizette also informed me that Bethany Christian Services is the largest company of it’s type in America and in Michigan. Well then lets look at some really frightening numbers. It is estimated that 90,000 illegal minors will cross the border into the United States and stay and that’s just since October. Lets make this a fair number and say on average it’s just $25 a day per illegal… so 25 dollars per day, times 90,000 is a mere $2.25 million dollars a day. If they stay a month that’s $67.5 Million dollars and if they all stick around and enjoy our hospitality for a year then the cost will reach nearly a Billion dollars. Of course that is based on 90,000 illegal minors and we all know that is just a fraction of the number. It also doesn’t take into account the cost of attorneys, illnesses, incarceration and so forth. This number will be tens of billions of dollars each and every year. And could reach staggering proportions if the chaos is allowed to continue unabated.

I asked Lizatte how many of these kids are likely going to get adopted. She told me that when kids reach 13 they really are no longer candidates for adoption so they will remain in foster care until they are 18 and turned loose on the streets of Grand Rapids and a few hundred other towns around this state and nation.

Let’s not forget however that Bethany Christian Services is a huge adoption agency and from what I’ve read online their services can run from $35,000 to over well $50,000 per adoption. So for the kids under 13 there is real money to be made in adoption too. If BCS can find families they can cash in on top of the taxpayer money they’ve already collected.

Sounds like we are being handed the bill for the invasion of our nation by minors from Central America and that may well turn out to be the affordable part.

It seems that BCS is in it for all the right reasons, money, money and more money. We have invited representatives from the company to continue the conversation I started today with Lizette but so far we have not heard back. I’m not holding my breath.

Oh and how many illegal minors does Bethany Christian Services hope to bring to Michigan? “As many as we can get”. At least that was Lizette’s comment.

It is time for our politicians, all of them from all political persuasions to be held accountable for the security of our border and our nation. This is a matter of national security and the time for action is now!

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