Southwest Airlines made a big splash today like the waves on Oahu's North Shore, announcing $49 introductory fares to the 50th State. But before you start packing your bags, here's how far you'll need to travel to get that cheap fare.

The promotion is only valid for a few days as this new destination launches and - here's the stickler for Michiganders, or frankly, any non-Californians: The fares are only good for travel to Hawaii from the Bay Area airports in Oakland and San Jose.

So if you're travelling from Michigan, and we'll give Southwest the benefit of the doubt and start our calculations from New Buffalo, you'll need to drive 2184 miles to Oakland International Airport. Google Maps estimates the drive will take you 32 hours.

Add on a few more miles if you want to know the way to San Jose. The airport there is a 2209 mile drive, eating up 33 hours of precious vacation time.

So it's likely that the photo above will be as close as you'll be getting to Waikiki for the time being.

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