There has been a lot of talk about election fraud with mail in ballots. So far, no real proof, as election fraud is minuscule at best. Google it and see for yourself. Michigan clerks will start mailing out your absentee ballots this Thursday. They have already been mailed to military members. The laws here in Michigan require the requested ballots to be sent 45 days before election day. You may return your ballot by mail, in person at a clerk’s office or in a drop box.

MLive reports “East Lansing City Clerk Jennifer Shuster said her staff worked through the weekend to send out absentee ballots to military and overseas voters and to prepare for Thursday. As of Monday, Shuster said almost 8,500 East Lansing voters have requested absentee ballots.”

Shuster also said they must deal with filling requests for ballots coming in this week too. She stresses “This is an unprecedented, record-breaking amount for not only our jurisdiction but jurisdictions across the state, given the fact that people are opting to vote by mail.” Our local clerks' offices process the absentee ballot requests, which requires them to compare signatures on the applications with signatures in the Michigan Qualified Voter File. It is the same signature that is on your driver’s license.

If you requested and received an absentee ballot, you must send it to the clerk's office by 5pm on the Friday before the election. With all the drama over the post office, you are encouraged to have your ballots sent at least two weeks before the election. They can also be dropped at a ballot box or at clerks' offices. Click here for the location of ballot boxes. You can also track your absentee ballots progress here.

Voters are encouraged to send ballots at least two weeks ahead of the election. Ballots can also be dropped off at local ballot boxes, which can be found here, or at clerk’s offices. All voters can track the progress of their absentee ballots by looking up their voter information here.

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