Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is going to sign bills that will hold boaters and snowmobilers to the same blood-alcohol limit as drivers of automobiles.

The bills, which were approved unanimously Tuesday by the Senate, would set the legal limit at .08 instead of .1.

My question is, "Why did it take so long?"

If you cannot operate a car effectively at a blood alcohol level of .08 what made them think you could drive a boat or snowmobile effectively at 1.0?

The state of Michigan changed the driving legal alcohol limit from .1 to .08 way back in 2003. For some reason, the state didn't also change the limit for drivers of snowmobiles, water-crafts and off-road vehicles.

Again, common sense did not reign with our political leaders. (Or was it money that won out back in 2003? We will never know for sure.)

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