We had some crazy rain this past weekend that led to flooding all over the state and the rain isn't quite over.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Lansing area will see more rain and thunderstorms as the week progresses.

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We often teach little kids how fun it is to splash around in puddles when it rains. Well, as fun as it may seem to grab your kayak or inner tube and float around in the street when they're overflowed with water, officials say it's not safe.

Metro Detroit's state police took to Twitter to urge people not to go in the water that flooded the freeway because it contains oil, debris and possibly even sewage. But that didn't really stop some people from hitting the streets in downtown Detroit.


Metro Detroit Flood of 2014

Where were you August 11, 2014?

I remember this day all too well because I was supposed to drive out to Southfield for school because class wasn't canceled until the very last minute and I was terrified that I'd become stranded.

According to NOAA, Metro Detroit got about four to six inches of rain over four hours leading to several road closures. Marking it one of our worst floods since the 1986 flood in Southeast Michigan.

The Lansing Area Flood of 1975

Do you remember when four to five inches of rain hit the Lansing area April of 1975? NOAA says that over 4,600 homes were flooded and the damage was estimated to exceed $50 million.

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