When I was 12 years old or so I used to draw pictures of mushroom clouds and nuclear war scenes. We all did. We’d been hearing about nuclear holocaust and nuclear winter our entire lives. The Cold War was hot then and Mutual Assured Destruction was something that was talked about on the news in magazines and at school.

Somewhere along the line it faded into the background. It has always been there but after Ronald Reagan took down the Soviet Union with his slick moves in Reykjavik Iceland in 1986 the concept of MAD was almost gone. Sadly it is back today and we going to live with it all over again and I am guessing kids will be drawing mushroom clouds again.

North Korea has made this our new reality again. Kim Jung Un with his continuously reckless displays of military ability that included launching yet another ICBM over Japan this week has put the world on edge for a major war. If we have such a war it will be unlike anything we’ve witnessed before and would potentially means the deaths of millions of people.

It is sad to think that MAD is back.

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