Well first of all good morning. We have plenty to talk about and we had better do it quickly because by the time I’m done a few more people probably won’t speak to me again. You see fewer and fewer people are actually capable of handling a confrontational conversation on a hot topic without closing off their ears and their minds.

It’s time to be perfectly clear about how people in this country really think. The majority of Americans agree with the President on spoiled multi-millionaire athletes that spit in the face of our nation, our ancestors and Patriots everywhere; most notably those in the armed forces.

When he says ‘get that SOB off the field!’ The vast majority of Americans agree and applaud President Trump saying what they wish they could. And if Steph Curry has better things to do than go to the White House, now he has that chance and nobody gives a damn. The NBA has been taken over by thugs and criminals since the glory days when real American heroes like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordon lit up the court and the scoreboard. Can you imagine any of those people kneeling for the National Anthem? Me either.

The NFL by allowing this repugnant behavior to not only continue but to embrace it, is signing its own death warrant as ratings and attendance will without a doubt continue to crash. I’m not sure anyone will be around to notice however when it all comes to an end because most of us don’t have the luxury of pontificating from our penthouse suites, we actually have to work for a living, not play a game for millions.

Oh, and don’t forget there is a lot of serious work to do. On that front while Steph Curry was demeaning The President, The President was at work trying to make sure that multi-millionaire Americans and the rest of us all have a country to come home to in the next few years.

For example: Trump has gotten the Chinese central bank to pull all money from North Korea. Which is something all 5 of his predecessors tried but failed to do. I guess Tweeting about Rocket Man hit a bull’s-eye in Beijing. Along the way GDP has hit 3.4% for the first time in more than a decade, a million more people are working, Donald Trump is renegotiating the terms of NAFTA, rolling out more missile defense in South Korea, reducing regulations on business and focusing on cutting your taxes and mine. I frankly don’t care if he wants to Tweet and troll overpaid, coddled a-hole athletes while he’s fighting for real Americans every day.

In fact, if the election were held today he would win by a wider margin because he is doing a solid job and I didn’t even mention how well he handled his response to a pair of major hurricanes in just two weeks.

So the next time you consider whining about Trump not being nice to poor Steph Curry or a host of other spoiled petulant children, just keep this in mind; Hillary Clinton could be President! Thank God that didn’t happen.
So when I see The President, Donald Trump soon I will smile shake his hand firmly and say Thank You Mr. President for fighting for America! Please Sir keep doing exactly what you have been doing since taking office and that of course is putting America first!

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