You are not going to believe it but the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Building A Better America 2018 budget in a 219 to 206 vote, today.

Not only did they pass a budget, something that the Democrats could never do under President Obama, but they passed a budget that balances.

Can you believe it, the budget they passed actually balances.

Oh wait, if you read a little deeper it will balance in 10 years. Sure I believe that, do you? They actually say that in the 10th year we will have a surplus of $9 billion. $9 billion is about .002% of today’s budget.

According to an article in the Washington Free Beacon Speaker Ryan was quoted stating:

It paves the way for historic tax reform. It unlocks the reconciliation process. We need to pass this budget so that we can deliver real relief for middle income families across this country. We haven't reformed this tax system since 1986. We need to pass this budget so we can help bring more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks for people across this country.

Ok. Without tackling our spending crisis these budgets will never balance.

The House Budget Committee was quoted in the article saying:

We estimate that the pro-growth policies of health care reform, tax reform, welfare reform, and deficit reduction assumed in our budget will yield economic growth of 2.6 percent on average over the 10-year budget window, resulting in $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction


We can only dream right? Again without tackling our spending addiction we will probably never balance the budget. The more money these politicians can get their hands on the more they will spend.

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