Last year Americans scooped up more than 23 million guns adding to the supply held by private citizens, which is by far the most of any nation on earth. This year the number may actually be higher. Make no mistake Barack Obama is the greatest gun salesman on earth. Hillary Clinton is pretty damned good too. Her colleagues in Congress are also doing their very best to move as many guns off the shelves as possible as they call for banning firearms of all kinds.

This year, in fact right now on any average day more than 56,000 new and used guns are sold across America. Domestic manufacturers are struggling just to keep up with production by building more than 21,000 a day. It has been great for a small industry and it’s generated tens of millions of dollars. There is no end in sight of this explosion in sales either.

The drivers of gun sales in America are both old and new. Some are buying guns because they are concerned about excessive talk of gun control measures and the possibility a new Supreme Court justice to replace Antonin Scalia could mean an end to the Second Amendment. Others, like the Pink Ponies, an LGBT gun rights group says in the wake of the Orlando massacre it’s a matter of personal protection. Some say terrorism in general is the biggest reason.

Larry Pratt the Executive Director for Gun Owners of America says people are buying and need to “before they are gone.” Pratt says it’s not just a scare tactic it’s what he believes is coming, “the death of Antonin Scalia could usher in an end to our Second Amendment rights as we know it.” He went on to say, “Look at what the Democrats are saying, they want to ban guns and they won’t stop there, they will continue to ban guns as long as they can.”

What seems odd to me is that you would think anti-gun groups would figure out that every time they get loud and demand gun control, gun sales go through the roof. There is a direct cause and effect relationship between the threat of gun control and the number of guns sold in this country. Wouldn’t you think they would just keep quiet about it? I mean if they really are able to outlaw guns- it would have been a lot easier to pick them up- if millions and millions more hadn’t been sold. However I never confuse common sense and logic with the behavior of those on the left.

If you are planning on making a purchase you may want to get that done before something else happens that sends people flocking to the local gun stores. And frankly do you really believe if it gets ugly around here that the government will be able to take care of you and look out for you?

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