It has been a rollercoaster ride trying to figure out just where our educational calendar is going this year. First MSU was ready to open and have students in the class room, then the University President quickly changed course and opted for virtual learning. Still, this weekend a limited number of students moved into dorms on the MSU campus. In normal times the University would house 15,000 or more students. This year it will be more like 2000 students living on campus.

WILX reports “Even though it was kind of late I think they're slowly getting to where it needs to be,” said Student Success Mentor DeCarlo Marino. “Especially seeing how some of the other universities have opened up at 70% capacity and have had 500-600 cases in the first week. I see Michigan State is trying their best not to have that happen here.”

DeCarlo Marino moved in two weeks ago to fulfill his role as a Resident Assistant. However, due to the limited number of students living on campus, the university changed his role to a Student Success Mentor. He says he supplies the same academic resources that resident assistants provide, but provided to students who are learning virtually. Another student from Germany, Temur Dunaev, also moved in yesterday. He says “I got help at once, they told me what to do. The precautions they take are exceptionally good. It is the same as it was in Germany." Even though Temur is excited to go to school in a new country, he is curious to see how receiving his online education will work. He said he expects it to be as good as in-person education. Only time will tell how it all goes. But so far looks like MSU is off to an OK start to the school year.

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