Move it or get fined. That's the gist of it. Some Lansing residents have been informed that if they don't remove their garbage carts from the curb within 24 hours of them being emptied, they could face hefty fines. And while this isn't necessarily new information for folks, the fines have gone up. Significantly.

The city’s code enforcement office just warned about 1,000 residents, with bright pink cards hung on their garbage containers, that it will enforce the 24-hour requirement starting this month.

In other words, you can’t let your trash cans, carts and recycling bins live on the curb.

Fines are $25 for a first offense; $50 for a second offense and $250 for a third. The third offense previously was $60. (Lansing State Journal)

According to a Lansing City Council spokesperson, Code Enforcement has now handed out 1,000 warnings about the trash cans. The pink tags say it will be the only warning before fines are assessed.

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