Have you ever had a dream of owning a food truck? Well, it may be time to dust off your spatula and don your apron, because a Lansing food truck is for sale.

Bangos Food Truck is For Sale

Bangos food truck in Lansing is known for its awesome bang-bang sauce, breakfast sammies, and more. It has an avid following of foodies, and now, it's for sale. The call went out to the 517 Living Community Greater Lansing Area, MI Hub Facebook Page a few days ago.

But hold your horses, there's no need to worry about running out and grabbing a breakfast bagel right this very second. Bangos isn't going anywhere "FOR MONTHS & MONTHS". Co-owner, Aharon Hebert, explains it all in a post on the Bangos Facebook page.

Babe's Corner Plans on Staying Open

Aharon explains that his girlfriend Melissa got a job in her field and that it's taking them back to their home state of Maine. Aharon does have a business partner, Will Green, who isn't going anywhere. However, his focus is going to be on their other small business, Babe's Corner. And running Bangos isn't the most consistent.

Being a food truck, Bangos lives a sort of Mid-Michigan "nomadic" lifestyle, going wherever the call takes them. "Weddings, staff lunches, MSU football team meals" and other events randomly pop up that take the food truck all over the greater Lansing area and beyond.

Own a Piece of Lansing

If you #LoveLansing and have ever wanted to own a piece of the community, this is your opportunity. I'm sure it takes some cooking and business savvy skills as well. But if you feel like this is something you would rock at, reach out to Aharon and Will at Bangos, and continue a delicious part of Lansing history.

An Inside Look at Babe's Corner—Lansing's Hoagie and Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop

There's nothing better than a good sandwich, at least in my opinion. I know some people say pizza is their favorite food, or maybe tacos, but I don't think it can get much better than a good sandwich and some ice cream to wash it down with. That's why Babe's Corner on Michigan Ave in Lansing is a deliciously dangerous place to eat. Babe's corner serves up large and yummy hoagies, alongside spectacular soft serve. Not only that, but they have vegetarian and vegan options, which makes it great because it has a little bit of something for everyone. If you've never been there before, check out the pictures below. You'll get a vibe of what Babe's Corner is all about, and perhaps you'll be inspired to grab a hoagie and some ice cream for lunch today.

Dairy-Free/Vegan Ice Cream in the Greater Lansing Area

When you're lactose intolerant, vegan or just choosing to live dairy-free, it can be a struggle navigating a bustling food scene like Lansing's. It's especially harder to enjoy sweet treats like ice cream which is why more and more spots are offering non-dairy options!

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