Kyle Melinn, editor and Vice President of MIRS Newsletter.


What’s in store for 2020 - Lansing politics


Kyle Melinn: Day ticks off the calendar the less the likelihood is that we're going to get what you would call quote unquote a complete fix governor. Whitmer has said that she wanted to raise 2.5 billion dollars additional for the roads, and I don't know how close she's going to get to that number and if she's going to be satisfied with something less than 2.5. I think that's going to be the overriding question of 2020 and and if she's not satisfied, With what the end result is. Will she want to go to the ballot? Is that going to be the the path that they end up choosing kind of like a proposal? Hang on raise your sales tax or you want to raise your gas tax mean those that kind of an A or B option for voters. I see as being a very real scenario.

Steve Gruber: Well, let me ask you this two and a half billion dollars the goal. How much is in the in the pot so far?
Kyle Melinn: Nothing this part is hard.

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