Jussie Smollett is out of jail just 6 days after being sentenced to 150 days for making a false police report. This news obviously has people very upset.

If you haven't been following what's going out with Jussie Smollett let me catch you up. In a nutshell, Jussie faked a hate crime, pretended to get hurt, and got caught lying about it. Why? I don't know, mental illness has no rhyme or reason. Maybe he felt like his career was on the decline and needed a public stunt to re-spark his career. Never underestimate the power of weirdos, they'll surprise you every day.  After a quick investigation though, everything he said quickly fell apart.

Skip forward to today and now reports are saying that he's been released only after 6 days! How? Well, have you ever noticed that really rich people don't go to jail or rarely go to jail? That's because they can afford to post ridiculous bonds and pay crazy lawyer fees. Which makes this whole case a complete fiasco.

As expected people are p*ssed as you can tell from the video above from the Youtube channel TheQuatering where you can see a good chunk of how people are feeling. I don't care either way. I mean how can you put really any energy into anything related to the court system nowadays. It's all a joke.

At the end of the day, the best thing we can take away from this case is this. Don't go to prison broke kids, because you won't be able to get out in 6 days.

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