Back in October of 2017, 32-year-old Kenneth White died after a six-pound rock had been thrown through his car window on I-75.

According to Fox 47, the oldest of the five teens who were accused of throwing rocks off an overpass in Michigan will receive an additional 15 months in jail after causing the death of White.

Earlier this week, Kyle Anger, who also turns 20 this week, was sentenced to 39 months in prison. It should be noted that the 740 days Anger spent in jail since his arrest two years ago will be counted toward his sentence.

Anger did plead guilty to second-degree murder.

This, according to Anger, was a planned prank. The 20 year old said that he loaded his pickup truck with rocks and had thrown the rock that killed White.

The other four teenagers that were charged in this case agreed to plea agreements.

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