hairy woman
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It is certainly cold outside and maybe that’s why some women have decided that January should rechristened ‘Janu-Hairy’. Laura Jackson should either be credited or blamed for the latest ‘thing’ taking hold on both sides of the Atlantic. The Exeter University student declared she was not going to shave and instead would embrace her wonderful, precious, perfect, hairy- self without shame.

Hence, we now have Janu-Hairy.

Cutting to the chase- Jackson’s armpits, ‘stache, sideburns and legs are going feral. They are also going viral! They are totally and completely wild as are thousands of other women who say they will not be beaten down by misogyny or notions of beauty any more.

The responses however have been all over the place- some cheer and others jeer but no matter Jackson and her hairy band of trend setters have not been swayed into trimming the hair farm crop.

Here is just one link that will be a hair-raising experience for many of you. Remember, be careful what you wish for!


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