Our first major winter snowstorm and 2024 "blessed" Grand Rapids will be 17.5 inches of snow.


When you get ready to get into your vehicle for the day, there is one thing you absolutely have to do when it has snowed in Michigan.

Get fined if you want to.

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Michigan - Clear Off Your Car Or Get Fined!

There is nothing worse than being behind a car that was not cleared off on the highway.

All of the snow and ice pelleting your vehicle. Not only is this not safe in any way, it also causes more anxiety for people.


Some people just simply do not care. I bet you will care when you get hit with a hefty fine.

If you did not know, now you know.

In the state of Michigan, you can be fined up to $100 for not clearing off your car, according to the Michigan Legislature.

"A person shall not deposit, or cause to be deposited, snow, ice or slush on any roadway or highway. (5) A person who violates this section is responsible for a civil infraction and shall be ordered to pay a civil fine of not more than $100.00."

$100 may not be a lot to you. However, I am not the type of person who likes to shell out unnecessary money.

Snowy winter in the city. Cars stuck in snowdrifts during a night snowstorm

Michigan law requires everyone to clear off anything from their windshield and back window so they can have a clear view of the road.

This also includes the roof and hood of the car. While it may not impact you, it can cause an accident.

Take a couple of extra minutes in the morning to clear off your car.

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