Detroit Style Pizza has seemingly taken over the world. Well, at least Michigan and the United States. Most national chains try their best to tap into its popularity, but there's only one original and that's Buddy's Pizza.

Now, the OG is set to be sold at some sporting events and grow its business outside of the state. Plus, we'll tell you why the recipe isn't technically exclusive to the Michigan chain.

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Buddy's Pizza available at football, basketball and hockey games

Starting this fall, Buddy's will sell a 4-slice pizza at concession stands for Michigan Athletics, according to the Detroit News. This multi-year deal will surely be a fan favorite at games. Plus, it's served in a cool "Go Blue" box.

No word if Buddy's will infiltrate other Michigan Universities' concession stands.

Buddy's Pizza plans to expand outside of Michigan.

For a few years, the OG Detroit Style Pizza maker has been positioning itself for growth outside of their 20+ locations across Michigan. Crain's Detroit Business reports new leadership (CEO and COO) has been installed at a corporate level and they're ready to expand around the country.

One can't help but wonder, will an expansion mean cost-cutting shortcuts that change the quality or experience? Let's hope not.

A couple of original employees left Buddy's to start their own restaurants.

When a company is pushing 100 years old and just now getting into expansion, you can bet other chefs have the original recipe memorized.

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Gus Guerra and crew came up with the concept for the Detroit Style/rectangular pie. He sold the business back in the day. Then, he opened Cloverleaf (in Eastpointe). Another former employee, Louis Tourtois, left to start Loui's Pizza in Hazel Park. If you've heard of Shield's Pizza, they also serve an original version of the recipe.

Cheers to Detroit Style taking over the world.

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