Whether it's by phone, mail, email, or otherwise, there are always people out there trying to take advantage of the situation and scam others out of money.

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And if you live in the Lansing area, there's yet another scam making the rounds. And it's coming straight to your front door.

Door-to-Door Scams in Lansing

I had this happen to me just the other day...

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A person attempting to appear official with a clipboard knocked on my door and asked about being a Consumer's Energy customer.

From there, they said they were sure I was eligible for a discount on my service and all they would need to see is a copy of my bill or for me to log in digitally and show him.

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That right there my friends is how they get you. They don't really work for whatever company they claim to be from. Instead, they are just trying to get a good look at your personal information, including your billing info. Just so they can turn around and charge you for a service you'll never actually receive.

So what do you do when they come knocking on your door?

How to Deal with Scammers Who Knock on Your Door?

What's the best way to avoid door-knocking scams?

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That's simple—just don't answer the door.

Things like video doorbells and surveillance systems can allow you to see who's coming to the door before you even open it. And at the very least, a "no solicitation" sign near the front door might do you some good.

Also, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a "scam tracker" on their website. You can search for scams by area, type, and more. Check it out here.

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