It's really an absurd amount of money when you think about it. People with regular jobs would be lucky to make $1 million in their entire careers. But one Michigander on the east side managed to pull that much in with one Lottery Ticket this week.

And even with a massive winner in the state, the Powerball continues to climb to an astounding $1.55 Billion, nearing a record high payout should nobody win during the Oct. 9th drawing.

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Michigan's Million Dollar Winner

One Powerball player in Macomb managed to bring in a million dollar prize this past Friday during the last drawing.

In order to win $1 million in the Powerball, the winner must get all five of the white balls correct, but not the red Powerball. For the record, that's a one-in-11,688,053.52 chance that you'll hit and win.

And despite those odds, our Michigan winner was one of 12 people across the country to win $1 Million on Friday's drawing. There were also winners in California, Iowa, Kansas Louisiana, Maine, Ohio, Wisconsin, Two in Texas, and Two in Massachusetts.

Powerball Jackpot Nears Another Record

So far, there have been 33 consecutive drawings without a jackpot winner, and it's one of the longest unanswered streaks in the lottery's history. Last year's record-high $2.04 Billion jackpot went unanswered from January until November 7th. A winning ticket was finally drawn in California.

This time, however, the prize has risen quite fast. After only about 11 weeks of drawings, it has ballooned to an estimated $1.55 billion, that could be even higher when the drawing is made Monday Night, or even beyond if no winner is selected.

So, have you gotten your Powerball ticket yet?

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