School was canceled Monday at an elementary school in Saline, Michigan after a school bus crashed through the school's exterior wall.

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Police in Washtenaw County say the 69-year-old bus driver was transported to a local hospital after he crashed the bus into the Harvest Elementary School on Sunday (11/13) afternoon.

Officials in the district decided to cancel school at the elementary school on Monday.

Pictures Start Flooding Social Media

Ben Isaacson lives in the area near the school. He tells WDIV-TV that the incident created quite a buzz on Sunday.

“There’s a bunch of people texting me, have you seen this? It’s a bus that crashed into Harvest. All these pictures start flooding in my phone. I stop by and it’s a bus hanging out of the school,” Isaacson tells the TV station.

The bus driver was the only person on the bus at the time of the crash. He's a bus driver for the school district who was contracted by a local business to shuttle passengers to and from a local event.

No one else was hurt in the incident.

A tow truck had to be called to extract the bus from the building.

Driver Apparently Suffered a Medical Emergency

Police tell the station they believe the driver suffered a medical emergency which caused him to crash into the building.

“I did hear that the driver had a stroke. I really hope the driver is ok. Of course, this is a terrible situation to happen to anybody,” Isaacson noted.


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