Work seems to never end as the 5 days on and 2 days off doesn't quite provide enough rest. It seems like we all just live in this loop where we wake up, go to work, run errands, shower, eat, sleep, and repeat. This can make our jobs feel daunting as we are spending more time working than we are doing anything else, well that is for those of us who do work.

Everyone doesn't live the same kind of life as there are many different factors and scenarios that cause people's lives to turn out differently. Whether some people want to believe it or not, they are not working their hardest, and some are choosing to give less than their best effort for various reasons. Either way, some states have been labeled more hardworking than others based upon a selection of factors. Ohio wasn't the worst in the country, that was Michigan, but Ohio is in the top 10.

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Insider Monkey wanted to know which states in the country are working the hardest, while others are slacking. This isn't saying that there aren't some people in those states working just as hard as others around the country, but as a whole the state isn't doing their job. Insider Monkey considered the scores of several popular sources surrounding the work force, giving them each a weighted score before finding the average score for each state using the following factors:

  • educational attainment
  • income inequality
  • and access to job opportunities play crucial roles in shaping a state’s work ethic

This is the score Ohio was given based upon the above criteria:

Score: 6.5

Ohio’s ranking as a less hard-working state may be influenced by factors such as economic restructuring and deindustrialization. While the state does have a diverse economy, certain regions may still be grappling with the legacy of manufacturing decline, leading to high rates of unemployment and underemployment. Socioeconomic factors such as poverty, lack of access to quality education and job training programs, and disparities in healthcare access may hinder workforce participation and productivity levels.

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