We hear about how well the economy has done under President Obama's and the Democrat Parties policies.


Check out these major economic signs::

  • Last month, the Census Bureau reported that the median household income of Americans in 2014 was 6.5% below its 2007 level.

Who was president in 2007?  Yes I know the economy turned bad but the real reason why can be explained in another blog.  Can someone say Community Reinvestment Act?

  • Average weekly income fell 0.3% in September from August, the government reported Friday.

That translates into what we may have as disposal income.

  • Workers not only were paid less, they worked less: The average workweek declined from 34.6 to 34.5 hours.

Hmmm, I seem to remember many people informing many americans that the number of hours, hourly workers will be working would decline.

Do you see it now?

Is this the "hope and change" you were looking for?

Let's now discuss conservative ideas that can increaese americans median income and increase weekly pay as well as increasing the number of hours people work

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