Hillary Clinton, the flailing front runner for the Democratic nomination for President got run over again today, this time by a Cadillac. More specifically the tax associated with so called ‘Cadillac Insurance Plans’, which unions across the nation offer their members. The elite plans have become a campaign issue because Obamacare levies a stiff tax on the high end insurance policies.

In the wee hours today, Clinton, in an effort to breath life into her gasping campaign made a policy decision to exempt unions from the punishing tax on their insurance policies. It is pandering at it’s best. “Hey relax everybody, I’m going to tax all of those other idiots but I’ll let you guys slide… as long as you vote for me next November.” But for Clinton the big government giveaway didn’t pay off the way she intended. In fact it seems she may have blown her cover for nothing. Today the Teamsters said they would be with holding any endorsement and want to meet with top Republican candidates instead.

In fact Republican front runner Donald Trump, who has a long running relationship with the Teamsters may be the one who garners the unions endorsement! Surprise! Did the Donald just hit another one over the fence? Well, I cannot be sure at this point but he certainly made great contact.

So who was the last Republican to garner the Teamsters support? Well that would be Ronald Reagan. In 1980 he created the Reagan coalition with blue dog Democrats and others in the middle.

Oh, but don’t worry- Hillary isn’t faze a bit. She fully expected this to be a “very competitive race.“ Yeah OK and I’m the tooth fairy…