Getty Images By Luis Davilla

According to a Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll released Wednesday Fox News is the most trusted news or commentary news network in America.

I have been saying that for years, and I read and watch all of the news networks, except for MSNBC, I do not even know why they call that network a news source.

The Washington Times is reporting that Fox News received 23% of the vote.  The Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll rankings are as follows:

  1. Fox News             23%
  2. CNN                     15%
  3. NBC                     10%
  4. CBS                      09%
  5. ABC                      06%
  6. MSNBC                 05%
  7. Comedy Central    04%
  8. C-SPAN                03%

About a quarter were undecided.

How does a Comedy Channel receive any votes?

The fact that 4% of the people polled believe Comedy Central is the most trusted news or commentary source tells us something about our times.

C-SPAN should be embarrassed that Comedy Central beat them, or maybe not.

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