If you own a Ford Explorer, there has been an announcement made concerning a brand new recall.

Its seems like there for a while, pre-pandemic, we were getting some sort of vehicle recall from one of the big 3 automakers every other week but since then it has slowed down a bit until today.

According to WOOD, Ford has announced the recall of nearly 400,000 Explorer SUVs for the United States and in Canada. This has to do with a suspension problem that has so far been linked to cause 13 automobile crashes.

A lot of West Michigan families use their Ford Explorers for hauling the kids, getting groceries and getting to and from work so if you want to protect your family, make sure and take a look and the years of the vehicles that are a part of the recall in the next paragraph.

These particular Ford Explorer SUVs were built by the assembly plant that Ford has located in Chicago. The years of the vehicles in question run from 2013 and 2017. These were vehicles that were assembled from September 4, 2012 all the way until January 25, 2017.

If you own a Ford Explorer that falls within the time span listed above, you should receive a notification during the week of November 30. The letter will explain how to work with your dealership on getting a full inspection of the suspension system and replace parts if they find it necessary.

The issue the vehicles are experiencing has been the rear toe links which Ford stated can fracture and that can lead to reducing your steering control. That's a serious matter when you are hauling your family around town. Not just for you but other motorists who will be on the road at that time.

The Ford Explorers in question have been either sold or registered in 22 states and of course Michigan is one of them. Canada has six different provinces that are also affected by the recall. Ford also indicated that the states and provinces were in areas where salt is used to clear the roads during the winter months and the salt has attributed to weakening the rear toe links.

For so far says six people have been injured during crashes.

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