What exactly is going on in Michigan? I may have an answer to this mystery.

If you go to Michigan’s official election reporting page at the Secretary of State website President Trump is beating Joe Biden by 3.72% points as of 11:20 pm Wednesday 11-04-2020.

Courtesy of MI SOS election results page
Courtesy of MI SOS election results page

As you can see from the above screenshot President Trump has 2,373,024 votes to Joe Biden's 2,200,470 votes.  That is a difference of 172,554 votes and in most people’s book that is a clear winning advantage for President Trump.

So the question is why are the national “news” media calling Michigan for Biden if President Trump is leading Biden by 3.72% points which equates to 172,554 votes as of 11:20 pm Wednesday night according to Michigan's official election results webpage?

It appears that two counties are missing from the total, those are Antrim and Wayne.

Antrim is a small county with approximately 23,000 people. Wayne County (Detriot and surrounding area) is the most populous county in the state of Michigan. As of 2019, the United States Census estimated its population as 1,749,343.

That could be the answer to this mystery.

Although that brings up another question and that is why is it more that after 48 hours after the election Wayne County had not posted their numbers.  Oakland County has a population of over 1.2 million people and they have counted and posted their numbers.

One mystery solved and another one created.


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