Here we go again, putting pressure on the US Postal service. Louis Dejoy the new Director over the summer was accused of slowing deliveries, by removing high-speed sorting machines and cutting all overtime. He was appointed by the president to run the postal service. He is also a big republican supporter, and some have speculated the slowdowns are on purpose, since the President thinks mail in voting leads to major fraud. Massive voting fraud does not exist in America, there have been very few cases of voter fraud at all compared to the number of ballots that are cast in our elections. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan got involved in the Post Office controversy, and ordered the Post Office to search USPS facilities in major cities to “ensure no ballots have been held up,” Judge Sullivan said.

The USPS said in response to the judge it was unable to accelerate the daily review process by the deadline without affecting activities on election day. With this election happening during a pandemic on time delivery has become even more urgent with the Republican efforts to block counting ballots that arrive after election day. The judge has a status conference scheduled for today and said the agency should “be prepared to discuss the apparent lack of compliance with the courts.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James praised Sullivan's order earlier on Tuesday. "Our democracy is at its strongest when every voice is heard," she said. "This order will ensure the will of the people decides the outcome of this election, not the Trump Administration."

Another federal judge said in a previous ruling, it was easy to conclude that Director Dejoy’s moves, which include removing hundreds of high-speed sorting machines, cuts to overtime and late delivery trips, were intended to disrupt and confuse the legitimacy of the November 3 election. We have been discussing this issue since the beginning of summer, and here we are with ballots not showing up on election day.

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