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It’s great that we are seeing the Governor opening up some of our favorite businesses. We’ve been good and the curve has without a doubt been flattened. As promised small businesses are coming back online, as well as bars and restaurants. After being under a shelter in place order since mid-March, most of us are ready to resume some of our normal activities, while we continue to social distance and wear masks. It will be nice to have a sit down meal again at some of my favorite places.

There are still a couple other services many of us are anxious to see come back. My last hair cut was March 11th, and as you can imagine, it’s getting pretty wild on the top of my head. More than anything else we’ve abstained from, getting a hair cut would be at the top of my list. I don’t leave the house without a hat on. One good gust of wind and my hair is straight up; not a pretty sight. I’ve been keeping in touch with my hair dresser and she is getting frustrated waiting to go back to work, but she’s staying in touch and ready to go when they give the go ahead.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that’s happening right away. There are plans that the Governor will open up more services in the next couple weeks. But so far the only thing she is saying about hair salons is she hopes to have them open by July 4th. MLive reports a number of businesses will be allowed to reopen or expand services in the coming week. But as of now, that does not include businesses like gyms, movie theaters, salons and state-licensed casinos. However, the governor says the state is inching closer to getting those businesses reopened.

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