Ah, America. Land of the free, home of the brave, and let's not forget the right to a fair and speedy trial. Some Americans would love to sit on a jury. Years of watching Criminal Minds and Law & Order will have finally paid off, right?

Before I even considered posting this, I went and talked to my Digital Managing Editor who said she would love to sit in on a jury but has never been summoned. I, on the other hand, have been summoned three times. You're probably thinking, whatever, right?

I'm a young professional in the business at only 21 years of age. That being said, I've been summoned for jury duty three times since hitting the legal age. The first time, I was able to get out of it while attending my broadcasting trade school down in Southfield. The second time was later this last year, and I was never asked to show up. This third time, well, we will have to wait and see how things turn out.

Don't get me wrong, every American should do their civic duty if they get summoned. Also, if you blow off jury duty, you could face jail time.

How you feel about being summoned just depends on the person, right? I personally would prefer not to be summoned. Sure, you get paid mileage (I have yet to find a job that does that) and make no less than $25 per day. But my thought process it that I'd still make more if I went to my jobs.

We all hear these stories of how some people have never once been summoned for jury duty, like my Digital Editor (here's hoping I jinx that for her in a caring way). My grandfather, who is over the age of 70, has also never been summoned. At this point, he can decide whether he wants to attend a trial as a juror or not because of his age. How about your neighbor; maybe they've never been summoned?

I think I just have bad luck. Three times since I turned 18 is a lot, in my opinion. Does anyone want to trade?

However, I will knock on wood due to the fact that I've never been called in for a trial yet. Law and politics just aren't my thing, so I'm not the person who would enjoy sitting in on a trial. Radio and writing angry letters to the customer are more my speed.

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How Jury Duty Works In Michigan:


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