The wildfires out west are still raging, and some of the smoke from there came our way last week. And it looks like it is headed back. You may not have noticed it last week, but we had wildfire smoke covering our skies making it look cloudy even though the sun was shining.

TSM: MaxonYourRadio
TSM: MaxonYourRadio

The picture above is from last Tuesday when I walked my dog around the neighbor and noticed the pinkish smokey sky. This could be what we are in for again a few days this week as MLive, is reporting more west coast wild fire smoke is going to take over the sky. We could be seeing some smoke today but will probably be seeing it and maybe smelling it by Tuesday. By the end of the week there should be less smoke in the sky and we should be back to a clearer sky by Sunday, when the next weather system comes to wash away the smoke.

You can see more models on the smoke coming our way here.

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