Henry Ford’s Detroit house (well, at least ONE of ‘em) is on the market – on sale for the first time in over forty years.

Former owners Jerald and Marilyn Mitchell have it listed for $975,000 (a mere bag o’ shells, right?) and the couple plans on moving into an assisted living facility in Ann Arbor. They’ve lived there since 1985, keeping it in shape and restoring it to its original condition. This means many fixtures are originals, including bathtubs and toilets. According to Mr. Mitchell, “I never considered it our house. It was always Mr. Ford’s house and we were the stewards”.

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So where is this palace? It’s located at 140 Edison Street, built in 1908, and was the dwelling of Mr. & Mrs. Ford until 1915 when they relocated to Dearborn. Why did they move? Ford was making more money and becoming more and more famous worldwide for the creation and manufacturing of the Model T. With his fame came out-of-work people looking for jobs; they would come to his home on Edison Street, knock on the door, and ask if work was available. This unnerving privacy invasion – and the fact that most everyone knew where he lived – was the main reason why the Fords packed up and moved to a more private location.

Listed on Zillow, the site says the house was designed by Henry’s wife Clara - 7,200 square feet, five bedrooms, four and a half baths, old intercom system (it doesn’t work), dusting and sleeping porches (intended for guests to stay cool before there was air conditioning), garden, greenhouse, and a 1,100 square-foot carriage house that includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

Take a look below and see where Henry & Clara Ford lived before his unbelievable rise to fame took hold, and how the Mitchells lovingly took care of it.

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