There is no excuse for neo-Nazism in 2017. There is simply no justification for such thinking. It is reprehensible and the same is true for white-supremacist groups and anyone that would encourage ideas that would result in attacking their American neighbors. We fought a world war that left millions dead and nations devastated to destroy this kind of ideology.

Hitler left millions of corpses in the wake of his failed Third Reich. Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and anyone that dared to cross the line that was ever changing at the hands of the brutal dictator were summarily murdered for their differences. That kind of ideology must be stamped out. The best way to do that is to let them speak freely as our first amendment allows. Let them expose who they are by their words and deeds and subsequently be repulsed by good and decent people. Do not let these people divide our nation. Their numbers are small. In fact there are only a few thousand members of neo-Nazi and Klan groups in the entire country. The total number is a tiny fraction of one percent.

On the same token however we cannot permit those on the fringe left to be given a pass for their violent behavior. While the nation and the world are fixated on Virginia and the ugly convergence of these far right hate groups do not lose sight of those of the far left just as willing and just as vulgar in spirit to commit heinous crimes.

A fringe right white supremacist, neo-Nazi slammed a car into pedestrians killing one and grievously injuring a dozen more. It is reprehensible. Only a few weeks ago a far left neo-Bolsheveik gunned down members of Congress with the intent to assassinate as many as possible. He had a kill list of Republicans in his pocket. In July of 2016 a Black Lives Matter activist gunned down 14 Dallas, Texas police officers. 5 were executed that night while trying to protect a BLM rally. In Orlando a left wing whack job executed dozens in an Orlando nightclub because they were gay and his Islamist religion rejected their lifestyle.

There is plenty of unrest and hate to go around but do not get caught up on one side or the other. Hate by any other name whether it be Nazi, White Power or Antifa and Nation of Islam it should all be shunned but not at the expense of our Constitution.

Hatred knows no bounds because truly evil people don’t just hurt others but they take pride in it.

This is why I reject outright the growing left wing talking point that anyone that is Conservative or Republican or otherwise opposed to the big government socialist agendas is a bigot, misogynist, homophobe or a host of other conveniently discrediting things.

I am none of those things and I will not be dragged into the slime by either side.

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