Man I can't wait for the gyms to open here.

No, I don't mean that I want the gyms to open here because I want to go. No, I'm good. I can't wait for the gyms to open so all of my friends who have been complaining, and complaining, and complaining, and complaining, and, well you get it...will stop complaining.

Yeah, I realize that if you really like to exercise and you really like the "in the gym" experience and it's been taken away from you because of the Executive Order from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer then it's been a bit trying for you.

So my question is what have you been doing since you haven't been able to go to the gym? Have you purchased exercise equipment? Are you running or walking more now? Are you anxious to get back to the gym or are you okay with your new way of life? As you may know, everyone was expecting the Governor to reopen the gyms yesterday during her news conference but it didn't happen.

However according to WLNS-TV, gyms and even pools will now be able to open again beginning on Wednesday (9/9), according to Governor Whitmer's new Executive Order. However as you might be able to imagine, even though gyms and pools are opening there are certain guidelines that everyone will need to follow.

Check out the full story about what is going on with the reopening of gyms and pools right here on the WLNS-TV website.

And to all of my friends who were complaining, yes I'm glad that you're glad that you can go to the gym next week...

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