We have seen how the left has now taken to physically and or verbally attacking anyone and everyone who they believe do not hold their same views.

Last night in front of the Supreme Count a Fox News anchor, Shannon Bream, was planning on doing her 11:00 PM EST show live in front of the Supreme Court, she had to change those plans.

She was so fearful for her safety by the display of anger and aggressiveness of the Democrats protesting outside of the Supreme Court reaction to President Trump's Supreme Court pick to fill the seat of retired Supreme court Justice Kennedy she Tweeted the following:

What is going on in the Democratic Party, we must nip this in the bud before we allow them to break this country in half.  We will not be able to stem the tide of the anger, aggression and violence by the Liberals without the help of the elected Liberals in their party as well as the Main Stream Manipulative News who are themselves Liberals and are stoking this fire.

When it comes to this anger, aggression and violence I believe that the sensible people in the Democratic Party should join forces with the Republicans to denounce and stop these actions to the greatest extent they can.

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