We are coming up on the one year anniversary of the first pandemic of our lifetime, it was declared on Friday March 13th 2020. Our life has not been the same since. No events, on and off dining out, no concerts, not a whole lot we could do other than stay home. I know a lot of people are hoping things will get better in 2021, President Biden is hoping we can turn the corner and get back to some normalcy by Christmas. Vaccines are slowly being distributed, and we’re ready for spring. Outside is the safest place to be during a pandemic, and the city of Ann Arbor is moving forward with a festival. They are planning the ninth annual FoolMoon festival in Kerrytown.
Ann Arbor is one of the cool cities in Michigan, they also host a yearly art festival. They plan to take over downtown Ann Arbor, but doing it in a Covid safe way.


MLive reports The public can see art installations throughout March to April and, despite the inability to gather in crowds for luminary processions, everyone is encouraged to wear a costume, light their luminaries and mask up to experience the festival by foot or car. Those preferring to stay put are also encouraged to light up their homes. “We believe in the power of the arts in healing and bringing us together to rise above difficult times as a community,” Jeri Rosenberg, founding member of WonderFool Productions, which hosts the festival, said in a statement. “We have been so inspired and energized by the community’s eagerness to make amazing art and create joy through this year’s FoolMoon celebration.”

The Kerrytown, Main Street and State Street districts will encourage artists to fill spaces and windows in these areas, and also feature storefront paintings by Brush Monkey artists. Kids are also encouraged to make art using several different online and at home projects, workshops and how-to videos. The Ann Arbor District Library is hosting “9 Days of Glow” which includes video craft projects along with a contest.

This is such a great opportunity to bring people downtown to support our local artists and businesses who have been facing such financial hardships this year,” Jennifer Goulet, executive director of WonderFool Productions, said in a statement. Also new for this year's event is the “Stroll and Roll” which is aimed at supporting local businesses via the Show Your Love A2 campaign.

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This event is very Covid friendly, as virtual content will be featured from local artists and youth which can be viewed online by anyone who plans to stay home. Click here for more information on this event.

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