The changing of the seasons isn't just bringing a chill to the air, it's bringing a whole host of viruses and today is officially the start of flu season.

While the debate continues over whether some vaccines can cause serious side effects or other health-related problems, most doctors say the best defense against Influenza is the flu shot or mist.

Dr. Dean Seinko, from the Michigan Department of Community Health, says nothing is perfect, but when weighing the dangers of getting the vaccine versus getting the flu, it's no contest.

Seinko says, while he recommends that all people get the flu vaccine in some form, there are those who should avoid the mist.

Flu mists are also limited by age.  Only those between the ages of 2 and 50 qualify.  Others, he says, can get the shot which is just as effective.

Seinko says those with concerns should address them with health care provider.

While vaccines are the most effective when gotten early in the season, it's not too late even in January or February to seek the protection.

In years past, there have been shortages or less-than-effective vaccines, but Seinko says this year there is no indication of any least not yet.

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