They said it loud and clear. They said it over and over. They laughed about it and told their friends what a joke it was. They wrote about it, talked about it and told everyone on TV about it too. They were so confident they didn’t care who they told so they pretty much told everyone.

They said Donald Trump could not win. They were wrong very, very wrong.

On Super Tuesday Donald Trump won all over the place and his wins put him on track to win the Republican nomination at ascend to that role during the Republican Convention coming in mid- July in Cleveland.

I wonder what those pundits of politics are saying now? I mean Nate Silver of the 538 blog was considered almost perfect for his calls on previous races. He told his readers as late as November to relax because there was no way Trumps numbers could hold and just last month he put the billionaires chances of winning at just 50 percent. I’m guessing that has been knocked out of his head by the pounding Trump delivered nationwide.

Trump won in Alabama and Tennessee. He won in Georgia, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Tennesee, Vermont, and Virginia. Most impressive however may have been his easy win in Massachusetts where it is reported he caused 20,000 Democrats to cross the aisle and vote for him. How about the term Trump Democrats?

That’s a long way from where Dave Remnick the editor of The New Yorker said Trump would be and that was exactly nowhere. He said Trump was only selling his own brand and would be out of the race before snow fell in Iowa or New Hampshire. It’s been snowing for months now and those sentiments are lost in a blizzard of primary victories all over the nation. Those comments were mild however to the Atlantic’s national correspondent that buried Trump in his own blizzard of ridicule. He said Trump wouldn’t be the 45th President or the 46th for that matter. He said Trump’s chance of winning the nomination or the Presidency was “exactly zero.”

Now they are all pulling up their chairs to a fine hot heaping helping of humble pie. Maybe those idiots should spend 30 days in the hole to get their heads straight. I doubt however they’ve learned anything from their massive pile of miscalculations. In fact I’ve heard many already shifting their predictions to “well he sure can’t beat Hillary.” Yeah, and we should trust you now why? Yeah skip that bs, nobody is buying your standard one-size fits all approach to elections. Nobody is buying you’re ‘smarter than you attitude.’ It’s funny that the loud mouth New Yorker is the one guy who has been able to beat you at your own game.

Maybe somebody could have taken a moment to notice that the majority of us that don’t have a Manhattan address have become really angry with what is going on in Washington. Americans are angry about reckless spending and a 19 Trillion dollar debt. Americans are angry at the flood of illegal aliens pouring into the country. Americans are angry that the economy continues to slog along with barely a flicker of life. Americans are angry that politicians refuse to call Islamic terrorism for what it is. Americans are sick and tired of getting jerked around by two bit regimes like Iran and Syria and really tired of losing to countries like China and Mexico on lousy trade deals. If you haven’t noticed those are the same things that Donald Trump has been talking about since last June.

Make no mistake the Trump reality is sinking in and it has been for a couple of weeks now. How else would you explain the naked aggression of Mitt Romney and other establishment Republicans? The newly manufactured controversy about Trump and some make believe story about David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan is a disgusting display of what happens when wildly wealthy power brokers realize a guy they cannot dictate to is upsetting their plans.

Outspoken critics from the Republican party say they are searching for an alternative because they are scared of losing in the general election. That seems odd doesn’t it? I mean I don’t remember the GOP scrambling the emergency response teams when everyone knew John McCain had no chance of winning. They didn’t worry when Bob Dole was clearly going to get crushed. But now they say they must run to stop this because Trump is sure to lose. Really? Seems to me the establishment is a hell of a lot more worried about him winning than losing.

Anyone care to bet against him now?