The Detroit Free Press and columnist Brian Dickerson should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.  Especially if they do not apologize. I believe Dickerson should be suspended.

I have told you for years that we no longer have a media that is for all the people. Many in the media today are agenda driven. One of the worst examples of that in Michigan, when it comes to the main stream media (MSM), is the Detroit Free Press.

I have been studying the media for years, especially the MSM in Michigan. I have been disappointed countless times by their complete agenda driven coverage of the news. The Detroit Free Press is a classic example. In fact, I would not read the Detroit Free Press if I was not in the business I am in.

The latest example of the Detroit Free Press's agenda driven reporting comes from their columnist Brian Dickerson. What did he do?

In a 2-24-16 column he compared the motives of charter school managers and employees to those of alcohol wholesalers, yes alcohol wholesalers.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential new site is reporting that Michigan State Charter School Association is calling for an apology from Dickerson.

In that February 24 column Dickerson wrote the following:

'But the charter industry’s interest in the health and welfare of Detroit’s K-12 students is approximately analogous to the beer and wine distributors’ interest in the health and welfare of Michigan drinkers. Alcohol wholesalers want drinkers to buy their product; charter school operators want students to fill their seats (and the tax dollars that come with those students), with a minimum of interference from locally elected school boards.”

He should really be ashamed of himself and well as the Free Press for allowing that to be printed.

This man has also protected the school unions and the teachers who have done a great disservice to the children and their parents; placing them above the children of Detroit.

The president of the Michigan Association of Public School Academies was quoted in the article saying:

“It’s beyond outrageous and offensive that someone would compare the motives of a charter school educator to the motives of a beer salesman, a student is not a bottle of beer, and a charter school leader is not an alcohol salesman. Brian Dickerson has crossed every line of good taste and decorum, and he owes an apology to every charter school educator, parent and student in Detroit.”

I cannot believe that Dickerson and the Free Press would compare a child to a bottle of alcohol, that just disgusts me. Everyone should call the Free Press and demand an apology not only from Dickerson but also the Detroit Free Press and the company that owns them.

If you wish, you can call (313) 222-6400 and ask for the Robert Huschka, executive editor.  Tell him your thoughts about this incident.

I definitely want to talk about this on my show Monday. Please let me know your thoughts.

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