The media is in a feeding frenzy about something it created about an alleged connection between Donald Trump and a long forgotten bigot from Louisiana. It is the most grotesque hit job any of us have witnessed from the media in my lifetime.

It began with David Duke a long disgraced former Louisiana Congressman and self confessed white supremacist wrote a column on a fringe website about supporting Trump. A reporter blindsided Trump with a question about being endorsed by Duke. He responded quickly by saying “I disavow it ok?” That was last Friday.

But the media wants it’s pound of flesh from the man who has made them look foolish for going on a year now. So CNN got on board and Jake Tapper came swinging again at Trump on Sunday which seemed to catch him off guard. This time the response was tepid and fumbling and he said he didn’t know who David Duke is or why this was going on.

That was like a loud dog whistle to all of those scared to death by Donald Trump; Republicans, Democrats, big bankers and foreign governments.

The full on smear continued into Monday when the new main stream attack dog Mitt Romney joined the chorus of nonsense by sending tweets trouncing Trump for not denouncing the Ku Klux Klan.

Just to re-cap. David Duke has been irrelevant for 25 years and still is today. The media came looking to do a hit job and they have delivered.

It is disgusting plain and simple.

Meanwhile the cozy ties between former Grand Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia and Bill and Hillary Clinton are being altogether ignored. Bill Clinton actually gave the eulogy when Byrd died in 2010 and said in effect ‘awe shucks he joined the Klan to get a few votes in an election’. Bill Clinton openly apologized for Byrd and his decades of poor decisions about race and racism. There is a lot more to discuss in this cesspool but the media is too busy pulling off a daylight character assassination hit on Donald Trump.